Retro Commissioning (RCx)

What is RCx? Simply put, it is technical systematic process performed on an existing building to ensure the building and its systems are optimized to interact efficiently to meet the building occupants operational needs.
Why should you consider RCx for your building? RCx will typically pay for itself in reduced operational costs, higher occupant productivity, fewer "trouble calls," increased employee/tenant retention and will do so in less than three years on average. RCx typically will increase comfort and reduce your energy costs. RCx is Green. It is an essential part of the strategy for combating CO2 emissions and is a key ingredient in any USGBC LEED rated building.

WHV believes very strongly in RCx. We believe it is a winning solution and a "WIN" for all involved.

A WIN For the owner, a building that functions correctly, decreases operational costs, pays for RCx from operational savings in a short time and reduces their "carbon footprint."
A WIN For the contractor, the satisfaction of solving a buildings real issues, not just dealing with its symptoms.
A WIN For all of us; as a step in the direction of energy independence and reduced environmental impact.
WHV is uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive, team of expert RCx services to our customers because we have the in-house services required to perform RCx; Heating ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC), roofing, Service and diagnostic of all building mechanical systems, Test and balance (TAB) of mechanical systems, Temperature control systems/building automation systems and Mechanical engineering PE on staff. WHV has the RCx Team prepared and ready.

RCx is a holistic approach to correcting a buildings issues, meaning that it encompasses all of the building including the building envelope systems, lighting, electrical systems, plumbing, fire protection, as well as the systems referred to in the paragraph above, and doesn't simply focus on symptoms. WHV has the training, tooling and certification required to be able to provide a building owner with a repeatable, certifiable, standardized method to Retro Commission their building.
WHV is certified by NEBB in the discipline of commissioning buildings. We are certified to commission HVAC, temperature control systems, plumbing systems and fire protection sprinkler systems. WHV has long been certified by NEBB in the TAB for air and hydronic systems and we are experts in roofing and building envelope systems.
Our method of performing commissioning is not just an expensive energy study of your building that will most likely confirm what you already knew. Our method of commissioning is "boots on the ground." We will be in your building looking at, and in all parts of it. We will be above ceilings, in mechanical rooms, in crawl spaces and on the roof. We will make "quick fixes" for immediate results where possible, as we perform the investigative phase of RCx. We will be taking infrared thermographic images of your building envelope systems, your roof, etc. We will be data logging temperatures, humidity, lighting levels, CO2, and CO throughout your building. When we have completed your RCx study, you will know what the as-found conditions are. You will know what remedial actions it will take to have your building meet your operational needs. You will know what those remedial actions will cost and what their potential payback is. We will guide you as Corrective actions are performed, and we will be there for you in the warranty phase and beyond to ensure that your building continues to perform as you expect it to.

WHV is also able to provide Commissioning services (Cx) for your new building. Working for you as an owners representative from the Design phase through the Warranty phase, we will ensure that you are delivered a building that meets your specifications, and that all of the buildings systems work together to optimize operational efficiency.

Energy utilities and Governmental units believe in Rcx and Cx so strongly, that many of them are offering significant Rebates and Tax credits. We can help you determine if those are available for your project.

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